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Fly Patterns
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Fly Patterns

The ability to imitate aquatic foods is an important facet of fly fishing. Fly Tying is considered to be the other half of fly fishing. Fly tying is merely wrapping a tread around a hook shank, binding to the various tying materials(hair, feather, yarns, wools, plastic, foam, rubber, tinsel just to name a few) to imitate a fish food.

Whether you are a seasoned fly tyer, new to the art of flytying or just want a reference/recipe to a particular fly and its imitation will find it in this section.

In the coming months we will be adding the feature for a member to add their own fly patterns for share with your friends and/or the whole community.

Further to this we will be introducing fly tying video tutorials from some of the leading tyers in the country.

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Fly Pattern

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