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In this section in the coming months you will find a interactive Wiki (online Encyclopedia) on Fly fishing where you can get involved in adding information on flyfishing anything from learning to cast a fly line to fly fishing techniques.

If your new to flyfishing it can be the starting point to getting the know the basics to this wonderfully addictive sport and start to communicate with aurthors and make friends all over the world who could guide you into becomming a successfull flyfisher.

Some of the topics could include:-

page-icon Fly Fishing Tackle  
page-icon Fly Line  
page-icon Fly Line Density  
page-icon Fly Line Shapes  
page-icon Fly Line Colours  
page-icon Fly Line Weights  
page-icon The leader  
page-icon The tippet  
page-icon Types of leaders  
page-icon The Backing  
page-icon The Fly Rod  
page-icon The Fly Reel  
page-icon Flies  
  page-icon How to Gear Up  
page-icon Backing to reel  
page-icon Backing to fly line  
page-icon Leader to the fly line  
page-icon Tippet to leader tip  
page-icon Tippet end to Fly  
page-icon Life of fly Lines  
page-icon Wind knots  
page-icon Droppers  
page-icon Fly fishing knots  
page-icon Assembling your fly-rod  
page-icon Attaching the reel  
page-icon Straighting the leader  
page-icon Fly Line staightning  
page-icon Care of your tackle  
  page-icon How to Cast  
page-icon Basic Fly Casting  
page-icon Pickup  
page-icon Up-and back cast  
page-icon Down and Forward Cast  
page-icon Presentation  
page-icon False Cast  
page-icon Roll Cast  
page-icon Other casting techniques  
page-icon Flycasting problems and solutions  
  page-icon Fly fishing techniques/tactics  
page-icon Approaching the water  
page-icon Types of fishing flies  
page-icon Matching flies  
page-icon Setting the hook  
page-icon Landing Fish  
page-icon Catch and Release  
page-icon Catch and Keep  
page-icon Fly Fishing Problems and Solutions  
page-icon Reading Water  
  page-icon The Biology of Fish  
page-icon Water Temperature  
page-icon Seasons  
  page-icon Fish Sensors  
page-icon Sight  
page-icon Hearing  
page-icon Smell  
page-icon Taste/Touch  
page-icon Natural Foods for Fish  
page-icon Entomology  
page-icon Mayflies  
page-icon Stone Flies  
page-icon Caddis flies  
page-icon Midge  
page-icon Terrestrial insects  
page-icon Crustaceans  
page-icon Other invertebrates  
page-icon Minors  
page-icon Ecology of Fisheries  
  page-icon Target species for flyfishing  
page-icon Trout  
page-icon Salmon  
page-icon Atlantic Salmon  
page-icon Bream  
page-icon Flathead  
page-icon Tuna  
page-icon Bill Fish  
page-icon Tarpon  
page-icon Bass  
page-icon Bonefish  
page-icon Barramundi  
page-icon Tying Flies  
page-icon Flyfishing Safety and First aid  
page-icon Fly Fishing Apparel and Accessories